Christian Leon



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I was first introduced to functional fitness in 2008. It was an underground movement at the time and scarcely known about in the general population. Fast forward to 2011¬†and I joined a “Box” to further understand the core concepts behind the movement. About a year later into my journey I went out for my Certification to be able to coach at my local box. I’ve been coaching since 2012 and this journey has given me more than I ever imagined. What turned into a love for sport and competition transformed into a passion for human movement and movement patterns.

I understand what movement can do for you and I want to share that with as many people as I can. Inside the 4 walls of the gym we present you with challenges and stimulus to create growth on so many levels. We give you a platform to better understand yourself. Inside these 4 walls you make lifelong friendships. You become a part of a community that on some level is here for the same reason you’re here. I’m blessed to be able to facilitate everything that happens within these 4 walls. It’s bigger than the workout. I want our community to continue to grow and allow us to help them grow individually and reach their goals.

A little about myself outside the gym. I love music. Live music. I also spend a majority of my time off out in nature. I love the ocean. I love the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I love to recreationally play and practice sports. I live my fitness. I’m blessed to be able to spread positivity and I use my position as a coach to do so. If you want to know more about me and learn more about yourself come down to our facility and take advantage of our free 3 day trial.